Will the future of protein 3D impressions?

Will the future of protein 3D impressions

The eccentric billionaire Peter Thiel, cofounder of PayPal, will invest up to $ 350,000 in a company that has a project to print three-dimensional protein structures that could replace traditional meat.

Three-dimensional printers, which are used to create implants, bicycle parts and even replica weapons can be used, according to the company Modern Meadow, to “print” new design that will enable fillets without the slaughterhouse and the animal itself.

As reported by the Thiel Foundation in a statement, the investment will be processed through the bottom Breakout Labs, which promotes revolutionary technologies and scientific innovation.

“Modern Meadow is developing a new approach to the production of meat and leather that is based on the latest advances in tissue engineering and causes no harm to animals,” the statement said, in a clear nod to potential consumers now vegetarians.

“Combining regenerative medicine with 3D printing imagine an economical and compassionate global problems,” said Lindy Fishburne, executive director of Breakout Labs

Scientists have already made progress in the creation of “bio impressions” for regenerative medicine and organ creating pieces of meat would be something simpler.

The meat would first form a computer screen and then move on to the real world by placing proteins in animal tissue structures in the printer.

This advance “can provide a sustainable source of animal protein for consumers around the world,” Thiel Foundation, which has made other investments and extravagant as a utopian island for excellent students do not go to college.

Although Breakout Labs has not released the specific amount of the investment, its always aids range from 250,000 and $ 350,000


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