Why does hair become dull and dry in summer?

dull hair
dull hair

Most people like to spend more time out of doors in summer. Overexposure to the Sun will dry out not
only the hair but the scalp beneath it. Swimming in the sea or in chlorinated pools, followed by
sun-bathing, particularly on a windswept’ beach, all aggravate the condition.

Several steps will improve the look of you hair if it is already damaged by too much Sun and salt
water. Trim off the ends if they are split. Special conditioners and shampoos will tone  up your
appearance until new hair grows again.

If you want to safeguard your hair, and your skin, avoid too much sunbathing. Keep your hair covered as
much as possible when in the Sun. Wear a bathing cap when swimming. Afterwards, and as soon as
possible, wash you hair thoroughly in fresh water.


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