Why do we sometimes get eyestrain?



No matter how much you read, watch television, or work long hours in poor light, it’s unlikely that you will damage your eyes. Ophthalmologists say you cannot strain your eyes if they try to read in a poor light. That doesn’t mean we should make a habit of abusing our eyes. Good lighting helps to avoid the vague aches we call eyestrain.

The eyeballs are held in place by ix delicate muscles which, like other body muscles, can suffer fatigue, giving you in fact a form of headache. But this is not necessarily the cause of the discomfort you sometimes feel in your eyes. This may come from soreness of the eyelid membranes, caused by drinking too much alcohol, smoking, or spending too long in a smoky atmosphere. Infection, such as conjunctivitis, also may sometimes be to blame.

In the tired feeling persists, you should see specialist. A recurrent ache in or near the eyes could signify a serious problem, or indicate a need for glasses.


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