Why do some people have such beautiful white teeth?

white teeth

A bright smile” usually depends on showing a healthy set of teeth. That is why many dentists today are concerned about saving not only be essential function of teeth but also their appearance. An attractive smile undoubtedly base an all-around, lifelong influence

It’s certainly true that some people have whiter teeth than others but, just as nobody has white skin, nobody has white teeth. The colors of our teeth are varying hues of yellow, brown and grey. Like our individual skin colors, they are also largely hereditary.

Teeth become darker with age, because the red pulp at heart of each tooth, which gives them their brightness, recedes towards the root. As it does so, it is replaced by dentin, the hard tissue surrounding a tooth’s inner pulp. This tissue know as secondary dentin, is darker and less translucent than the tooth’s original dentin, which lies out below the outer shell of enamel.

Over the years, excessive brushing with a hard brush and abrasive toothpaste will gradually wear away the enamel. When this happens, the dentin shows through the enamel as yellow patches, reducing a tooth’s whiteness.

Often, white lines or spots occur, caused by abnormalities during the teeth’s development. Our first teeth begin to form before we are born – between three and six months. Permanent teeth, excluding wisdom teeth, develop in our first four years. For both sets of teeth, calcium and phosphorus crystals, carried in the blood supply, make up about 70 percent of dentin and 95 percent of enamel. Too little or too much of these crystals may discolor the teeth. Today, if the blemishes are severe, cosmetic treatment can blend the white areas into the res of the tooth.

The most common forms of discoloration come from our food and drink and from smoking. Tea and coffee stain the teeth brown. So do liquids containing iron, such as some medicines. Tetracycline and antibiotic drug, can make teeth yellow, brown or blue-violet, if it is taken during the development.

Similarly, excessive amounts of fluoride ingested while the teeth are framing may mottle the enamel, a condition known as flourishes. This may occur through giving a child too many fluoride tablets. Toothpastes claiming to make teeth whiter can restore them only to their natural color.

At present, the only way to lighten the natural color is by bleaching. To do this, dentists use strong bleaching agents, sometimes combined with a heat or ultraviolet light. Less severe cases may be bleaching kit. Dentists can mask the natural color of teeth by covering them with veneers of porcelain or resin, or by fixing crowns of a lighter color.


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