Why do some athletes not menstruate?

Why do some athletes not menstruate?

For a woman to have her period needs to consume enough calories and maintain a healthy body fat percentage.

The exercise-induced amenorrhea occurs when a woman has her period (no “you down”) for three months or more because you are doing too much exercise and not consuming enough calories. It may happen that a teenager over 16 years has not had her first period. Here we explain why it happens and how to correct this condition that can cause infertility.Why do some athletes not menstruate?

The basics for a woman to menstruate

To keep your reproductive system functioning properly, your body needs energy you get from what you eat, and spent many processes you perform on a daily basis (from sit-yes, do you spend sitting calories – to practice your kickboxing routine.

Women who exercise too much and eat too few calories also cause your body to stop producing the hormone that regulates the reproductive system, as well as make your body to go into starvation and stop wasting energy in processes that are not vital , as menstruation.

Most women who have exercise-induced amenorrhea are athletes (ballerinas, gymnasts and skaters, especially) that have a heavy routine and a strict diet too. The athletes who have this condition have less than 16% body fat and are malnourished.

How to identify and correct

Only women who suffer from exercise-induced amenorrhea know it is, but there are signs that may suggest you are abusing your body, such as feeling anxious and guilty when you can not exercise, exercise more than once a day and a wrong picture of your body.

It is important to find a woman who has exercise-induced amenorrhea because this can cause fatigue, weak bones and eventually infertility, said nutritionist Suzanne Girard Eberle of the National Eating Disorders Association of America, the Live Strong site.

To correct the situation should change your diet is balanced and healthy calories consumed. Only a professional nutritionist can help. You also need to take medication to balance your hormone levels and have regular periods again.


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