Why do so many people snore in their sleep?

snoreThe first thing a man learns after he is married, says an unknown with, is that he snores. For all the disharmony it brings, snoring is surprisingly a neglected problem. Millions snore, and millions more are forced to listen.  The snores of one man registered 87 decibels, twice as loud as normal conversation and equivalent to having a pneumatic drill operating all night in the street outside.

People who snore sleep with their mouths open. An obstruction in the nasal passages or in the throat, caused perhaps by a cold or an allergy, is sometimes to blame. More often, snoring starts through sleeping on the back.

In this position, the lower jaw drops open. Also, the tongue no longer lies flat in the mouth, but partially closes the windpipe. In breathing through the mouth, the intake of air vibrates the soft that hangs like a pendulum in the back of the throat. In the past, doctors cured server cases of snoring by amputating the uvula.

If you are concerned about your snoring, sew something , such as a tennis ball, to your pajamas to make it uncomfortable to sleep on your back. Two exercises can help: before going to sleep, clench a pencil between your teeth for ten minutes; press your tongue firmly against your lower teeth for about two minutes. Both exercises are aimed at keeping your mouth shut.

If you are worried about your partner’s snoring, try ear plugs or separate rooms.


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