What possible benefits are contact lenses?

What possible benefits are contact lenses?

The use of contact lenses may offer certain advantages over the use of glasses in certain aspects that had to comment:

Optical advantages:
Provide a total visual field, as the mount does not interfere with vision.
The person perceives objects similar in size to actual size. Therefore, contact lenses are particularly suitable for people with anisometropia (different degree in both eyes). In these cases, especially when there is much difference between one eye graduation and another, we recommend the use of contact lenses, glasses and that the image formed in each eye is of different size and the brain can not put them together in a single image. With glasses, the person does not usually tolerate more than 3 diopters of difference between the graduation of the two eyes. However, contact lenses, just change the size of objects, so that each eye can have any scale you need, although there is much difference between them.
There are no side distortions. As the lens moves with the eye, the person is always looking through the lens center. By contrast, using glasses do not always look through the center of the crystal. So when we turn our view to the sides, or if the glasses do not fit, objects may appear distorted or apparently displaced, especially when the person has a high ranking.
Contact lenses do not fog up with changes in temperature, as when in contact with the eye, its temperature is similar.

Aesthetic benefits
For many people wearing glasses can be a problem because they do not feel comfortable with their image. This is more common where graduation is high, because the glasses are less aesthetic and more uncomfortable. In addition, contact lenses may be necessary for certain professionals such as models, actors, etc …
They are also used for cosmetic lenses to change eye color, and to hide certain eye disorders that affect the aesthetic appearance of the iris or pupil.

Advantages for the sport
In certain sports is not advisable to use glasses, as in contact sports and those which are performed rapid, jerky movements.


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