What is astigmatism?


The problems are corrected visual acuity with glasses

Astigmatism is a vision disorder caused because the cornea does not have a uniform curvature, but is presented more or less in any part of the eye.

This causes the objects appear elongated vertically, horizontally or diagonally totally distorting the images. In most cases, this problem is hereditary, but can also arise after a head injury, a blow to the eye or disease.

Most people with myopia, also suffer from astigmatism.

People with astigmatism have cylindrical lenses to counteract the uneven curvature of the corneas of his eyes. In case of myopia have also fit the same lenses to correct both problems. Another treatment used with increasing frequency is the refractive surgery, which can be over 18 years.

To diagnose it, the ophthalmologist or optometrist performed the test of visual acuity using the Snellen chart, which contains different font size and reading them let you set the vision problem. Are complemented by testing several lenses to choose the appropriate to the needs of each person.

It is advisable to apply the test with the primer to all children of school age, so if you have a visual problem that does not interfere with their learning.


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