What Causes Memory Loss?

Memory loss is often referred to as amnesia and it is caused by a number of factors, some that cannot be explained or corrected. For some people, memory loss gradually occurs over time and for others it comes on quickly. Memory loss is sometimes difficult to handle as it affects people differently. Some people begin to forget family and friends while other people start forgetting important events from the past and for some it’s a combination of everything making it even harder to handle and cope with. As people get older it is normal for some memory loss to occur but there are some instances when a total loss of memory occurs. The thing that people really want to find out is what causes memory loss and how can it be delayed or corrected when it happens. Outlined below are some of known causes of memory loss.

Cardiovascular Disease
When a person suffers from cardiovascular disease they actually suffer from a disease of the blood vessels, in particular the arteries that supply blood to brain. When a person suffers from this sort of disease they may suffer from memory loss as there isn’t enough blood getting to the brain.

Head Trauma
When a person complains of suffering from memory loss and there are no known diseases that could have caused it the next logical step is to look for evidence of head trauma. People who have suffered from a blow to head may experience short or long term memory loss. There are instances when the problem corrects itself quickly and easily but there are other cases when the problem cannot be fixed and the person never regains their memory.

While side effects, such as memory loss, are rare there have been reported cases of this happening when people take certain medications. One of the medications that have been found to cause memory loss in patients is Lipitor. This medication is used to treat cholesterol problems. In about two percent of patients taking this medication memory loss occurs. There are things that you can do to improve brain functioning and decrease memory loss while taking this medication, one of which is ensuring you are in good health and eat healthy. You can also take supplements that decrease the side effects of taking this medication.

People who suffer from alcoholism have been known to also suffer from blackouts or alcohol related amnesia. When this happens people have a difficult time remembering things that happened in the past. Blackouts should not be confused with passing out. Passing out actually happens when the person loses consciousness. People who drink large amount of alcohol on a regular basis are affecting the brains ability to take short term memories and transfer them into their long term memory. This means after a short period of time, new memories and experiences will be forgotten. There are many types of blackouts, one of which prohibits a person from remembering anything that happened while the person was intoxicated. Fragmentary blackouts are blackouts where the person is able to remember certain events during the period of intoxication but forgets other until reminded of them.

For those who want to make sure they retain their memory or are noticing that they are starting to have memory loss, there are natural treatments on the market. One of these is the brain supplement known as Procera AVH. It contains only herbal ingredients and is perfectly safe to use.


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