What are sexual fantasies?

What are sexual fantasies?

Mental images and impossible features that cause pleasure, may be possible in your mind and, in addition, you can modify as you wish? Meet sexual fantasies!

As sexologist Roberto Soto, partner at the Mexican Institute of Sexuality says: “sexual fantasies are images in our mind of a sexual desire that can be developed within the context of history, or to be more simple as the act itself, where as men and women have and are good for our sex life, give it new life, and they do not necessarily have to do to enjoy them. ”

It all begins in our imagination, we make an image of our ideal partner, just doing what we wanted to do, think of the perfect environment and that this sexual fantasy. There are perfect and we live without regret, mistakes, prejudice or anything that makes us feel uncomfortable. In addition, there are no consequences, is the perfect setting to get maximum pleasure and often will be very unlikely to come true, that is a sexual fantasy.

Of course we can also find the fantasies that make us uncomfortable, that make us doubt our preference, loyalty or belief, those we like, but are taboo for ourselves.

These thoughts are not unique to men or women, anyone can have. There are many fantasies that are shared by many people as an encounter with a stranger, who has more than one participant in the relationship, having public sex at the time with others.

There are many types of fantasies, there are “rare” public or private, either way, if we try to carry them out we have the premise that we should never hurt someone else or ourselves, because as the name says, are fantasies in many cases may be impossible.

Fantasies saved his magic in the mind as many times made may lose that special touch that provokes those feelings, and that is not the same view something that satisfies us in every way, to share this experience with someone who could not share.

It is not wrong to want to fulfill a fantasy, it’s actually a way of life and bring new life to the relationships where the monotony is. It is important to remember that these practices should always be done with mutual consent so that both can enjoy and experience does not turn into something unpleasant.

Having fantasies is natural, people constantly we visualize different in different sexual situations. We all have them, this does not mean that they are to blame for the infidelity or of realizing that we all, we should not suppress them, the only problem I might have is that sex could only be in a space created for a fantasy and not in a random time.

So it’s good to have a balance and how far is the limit of our actual sex life and our fantasies.

It is important to note that when talking about sexual fantasies, we must also consider our health, so if we are to fulfill the fantasy of holding a meeting with several people at the same time, we must prevent any sexually transmitted diseases.

It’s good to fly the imagination, because we will not have consequences, but we should not base our lives on it. Fantasies help with sexual routine, but also requires improvisation, that where you do not need a script to know what will happen.

Any sexual act, whether fantasy or not, must be carried out responsibly and, above all, no one gets hurt. If you have any questions or want to pursue the subject, go to a sexologist, he will guide you.


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