The phrase “that’s so gay”, gay health can affect

The phrase "that's so gay", gay health can affect

The phrase "that's so gay", gay health can affect

The phrase “that’s so gay”, gay health can affect

The phrase “that’s so gay” used mostly by young people to describe something stupid or undesirable, may have negative consequences for students gay, lesbian or bisexual, said a study by the University of Michigan (UM).

The analysis, published in the Journal of American College Health, stated that the phrase is part of the vocabulary of students at all levels of educational institutions, including universities and is considered by those who use it as harmless.

Yet? Though subtle, that language is hostile and can be detrimental to sexual minorities. Due to the nature of stigma, the sentence can elevate the perception of exclusion in them?, Wrote Michael Woodford, UM professor and lead author of the study.

Through an online survey, a group of researchers examined the impact of the phrase “that’s so gay” among 114 students gay, lesbian and bisexual (LGTB), aged 18-25 years.

The results of the investigation confirmed that college students who had heard the phrase “that’s so gay” were more likely to feel isolated and suffer negative health symptoms, such as headaches, lack of appetite or eating problems.

Students reported how often they had heard the phrase at school in the past 12 months, in addition to answering questions about their perceived social acceptance on campus, the physical, mental health and willingness to disclose their sexual orientation.

Virtually all respondents reported hearing “that’s so gay” in school at least once in the past 12 months. Nearly half of them said that “the phrase heard more than 10 times a year” and only 14, 13%, said they did not know the expression.

The increased risk of physical health problems of those students was associated with a stress reaction that can occur when they hear the phrase, which “suggests that there is something wrong with being gay and to hear such messages about self can cause stress and manifest in headaches and other health problems, “said Woodford.

Researchers say that even though there is a lot of attention to address LGBT harassment on campus, also requires removing this low level of hostility.

“The policies and educational programs are needed to help students, staff and faculty to understand that this language can be detrimental to gay students and make disappear the phrase of the schools,” he said.


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