The ABC of condoms

The ABC of condoms

You sure know how to use? Maybe you should learn more about the male condom to prevent you from breaking when not properly put.

The two main objectives of condoms are: Prevent unwanted pregnancy (family planning help) and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea, human papillomavirus (HPV) and immunodeficiency syndrome Syndrome (AIDS).

Explains Dr. Efren Mendez, a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, to prevent fluid exchange between the couple, it avoids a possible spread of AIDS, but equally, to prevent contact between the skin of the penis and vaginal mucosa, other diseases are not able to transmit.The ABC of condoms

“But I clarify, (the condom) does not 100% against sexually transmitted diseases not only because the genitals are the penis and vagina,” says Mendez.

This is because the genital area also covers the testicles, the area near the anus, vulva, the labia of women.

“The use of condoms prevents sexually transmitted diseases by up to 90%, but the other 10% is outside of what is the penis and vaginal walls,” says the specialist.

So it’s important to watch what people have sex.

Latex protection

At present, most condoms are made of natural latex and are lubricated with oil and its thickness is about one millimeter. Now, for those who have allergies to latex condoms are made from polyurethane.

However, although male condoms are tough and flexible, must take into account that there is a possibility of breakage when intercourse lasts long.

“If a couple has a many minutes, obviously, more likely to break (the condom), it is more the exposure time plus the time of friction. Then depends on the duration of intercourse,” explains the gynecologist.

Based on only 2% of condoms break when having between 5 and 15 minutes, the recommendation is that if you’re having more than 20, change the protection of latex after 10 minutes and before 15.

How do you set?

Although apparently simple, if not put a condom correctly, chances are it will break.

1. – Open the condom package with the fingertips, do not use nails or teeth, you can tear the condom.

2. – Get the condom using the fingertips.

3. – Hold the tip of the condom with the fingertips of one hand and with the other hand is unrolling the condom over the penis fully erect.

Thus, the latex will fit perfectly into the penis and there is no present possibility of unwanted pregnancy and disease transmission.

How to choose?

“To choose you have to see what the couple wants. What do you want you to with your partner. If it’s not very sophisticated, a simple relationship as the standard or ultrasensitive condoncito” utters Mendez.

On the other hand, if the objective is that women have more pleasure than that obtained when using a condom “normal”, you can choose one with textures, shapes and flavors.

“Usually, when you have a start of a sex life with a partner, start the most normal, usual, which is the condom or the ultra simple, but knowing your partner, you may begin to experience more things and seek more pleasure, then we choose a condom with another type of texture, “says the doctor.

What brand is best? Well, that depends on the tastes and experiences of each person or couple. So you should try the different options on the market to find your perfect condom.


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