Text messages make us more open

Text messages make us more open

The exchange of text messages mobile phone is a good way to get honest answers to sensitive questions, according to a study by the University of Michigan (USA).

“Preliminary results indicate that people are more likely to disclose sensitive information via text messages on voice conversations,” he said in a statement Fred Conrad, director of the Survey Methodology Program at the Institute for Social Research ( ISR), University of Michigan.Text messages make us more open

The finding was a surprise to the researchers “because many people believe that sending text messages would decrease the chances of revealing sensitive information.”

Experts believe that by creating a “visual record” people mistrust since their responses can be viewed on your phone by others.

However, “we believe that people give more precise answers via text because there is no time pressure, which does exist in the telephone interviews,” said Conrad.

The experts concluded that people can take a little longer to respond to the message but they become more sincere answers.

Conrad conducted the study with Michael Schober, a psychology professor and dean at the New School for Social Research in New York and a multidisciplinary team including psychologists, psycholinguists, analysts survey and computer, and staff from the telephone company AT & T.

For the study, researchers recruited about 600 iPhone users who interviewed via telephone and text and analyzed factors such as whether the questions made them a human interviewer or through recorded messages, or if the respondent was alone or in the presence of others , among others.

Participants responded to questions such as how much exercise they did every week, how much alcohol they have consumed in the last month and experts confirmed that more accurately answered by text message by voice.

Schober and Conrad explained that conducted this study to analyze changes in communication patterns and their impact on the industry, because about one in five U.S. households used only cell phone and no longer have landlines.

This means that more people use text messaging as a way to communicate, a practice that has spread especially among teens and twenties, but is common among all age groups.


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