Technological traveller syndrome

technological traveller syndrome

This means breaking a travel agenda in an attempt to find an outlet in a restaurant or bar, restrooms seek connections, without caring to risk their comfort or hygiene to sit on the floor next to a contact.

According to a survey conducted in the U.S. via online by TNS, at the request of Intel, 64% of respondents admitted that he sacrifices his personal appearance by the situation.

This means stop using hair dryers, makeup, sunscreen, exercise clothing and even shoes, to create a space in your bags to allow them to carry their equipment, the research added to the above called “traveler’s Syndrome technological entanglement” .

And, for travelers connected every minute is essential, but they want to create, consume and share their moments safely through a lightweight mobile device. At least 46% of adults and 63% of young Americans claim to be able to compromise your personal comfort and hygiene in their travels, to seek an outlet to keep your devices charged


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