Tamarind protects the temperature rise

Tamarind protects the temperature rise

To assist with conventional treatments in gastrointestinal bacterial infections linked to increased body temperature, researchers at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) found in the tamarind pulp-reducing properties.

Left Teresa Sanchez explained that the pulp of tamarind contains polysaccharides, organic acids and also provides an acid pH that affects the walls of the bacteria found in the gastrointestinal tract, which decreases the spread of infection.Tamarind protects the temperature rise

The study carried out by a team of specialists from the UAM is relevant to the dispute which caused the irrationality in the use of antibiotics associated with the development of resistant organisms, he said.

In this sense, the teaching of this university explained in a statement that is needed to intense research in public health, however, that Mexico has a varied and abundant medicinal plants.

Therefore one purpose of the studies is ethnopharmacology confirm the effectiveness of the traditional herbal treatment in experimental models through the use of natural products.

He said that in the most remote communities is still practiced herbal medicine, resulting in obtaining nutrients that help protect or repair processes and modulation of cellular responses vital.

The specialist said that another purpose of this study is to evaluate plant species are used in traditional medicine to reduce fever, symptoms associated with the consumption of food contaminated with salmonella.

For this project, Izquierdo Sanchez joined a team with Dr. María Concepción García Lozada and Olivia Soria Arteche, Master of Science, who performed the extraction, purification, characterization and production of molecules from plant sources.


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