Spontaneous abortion is high at risk

Spontaneous abortion is high at risk

The risk of abortion is greater between the sixth and tenth week of pregnancy.

It is considered that at least 20% of all pregnancies end in abortion between the sixth and tenth week. However, recent studies indicate that the figure may be much higher because many women do not realize they are pregnant, so that product loss goes unnoticed, since the woman believes that her period is more abundant normal, but she is pregnant.

Most spontaneous abortions are caused by a problem in fetal development, usually generated by some chromosomal abnormalities or structural malformations of the mother or the organs that develop for a pregnancy, such as the placenta.Spontaneous abortion is high at risk

Chromosome abnormalities especially of chromosome 13, 18 and 21, are responsible for 2.5% of infant mortality, and approximately 80% of spontaneous abortions during the first quarter.

Chromosomes, which must be integrated into 23 pairs after fertilization, sometimes incomplete, known as anuplonidia involvement. When there is only one chromosome 1 lacking the pair is called monosomy and when there is one more in any of them, as in the case of Down syndrome is called trisomy.

Spontaneous abortions are also produced by:
– Genetic abnormalities or gene, ie mutations affecting one or more genes.
– The age of women, older age increases the risk of spontaneous abortions.
– The presence of certain environmental pollutants such as lead or radiation.
– Malnutrition, anemia or malnutrition.
– Smoking in women, since the lack of proper oxygenation of the fetus and placenta can trigger an abortion.
– Alcoholism and drug use.
– Injuries by accident or domestic violence.
– For operational problems in the female reproductive tract, especially in the endometrium, the lining of the uterus where it implants and develops into a fetus.
– For infections and diseases such as rubella and sexually transmitted diseases.
– For immunological problems such as lupus erythematosus.
– Take into a matrix coil.
– For too much stress or a strong shock.


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