Smoking, an addiction that kills itself

Smoking, an addiction that kills itself

An addiction that causes severe damage to the overall health and can be controlled.

In recent decades, smoking has become one of the most severe health problems, the discovery of the damage caused and to find associated with various serious diseases that are now gaining in importance as a cause of death and disability, with severe repercussions economical.

Smoking is a disease caused by excessive consumption of snuff, is a social and public health for the many adverse health effects, not only of people who use it, but from living in them, as it estimated that about 3 million people die each year from problems associated with directly by the snuff.Smoking, an addiction that kills itself

Smoking as well as risks to health, there are many because it is associated with a number of chronic diseases, is also associated with other problems such as fires, burns and accidents.

This disease, considered a voluntary risk addiction is very difficult to abandon and control, so once the habit is extremely difficult to quit, and that becomes part of the lifestyle of a person, who despite to know the damage it does, does not realize that in exchange for a “welfare” passenger, slowly, quietly, but effectively, the snuff is causing irreversible damage to most organs of the body, generating several chronic diseases and degenerative and causes of premature death.

A severe problem of smoking is that it produces not only damage the health of consumers but also the people around them, who is known as passive smokers, who also cause great discomfort caused by smoke and odor. There are also many risks in the growth and development of the unborn or breastfeeding when their mothers are smokers.

However in recent times has been noticed that people are much more aware of its effects and therefore have implemented various methods to control this addiction and smoking cessation, with less and less risk of relapse, tablets, gum, patches, medication, group therapy, smoking clinics and other forms of aid offered to those who want to quit this habit, as harmful to health.

So go ahead and live longer with quality, stopping now to recover your health and your family members affected by the smoke of your cigar.


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