Skin Care Treatment

the skin care treatment

Now it is very important! So you can effectively take action against your blemished skin, is the fundamental understanding of how the skin works and why you have to pay special attention to them.

The skin is up to 2 square meters surface and almost 10 kg body’s largest organ. A multifunctional organ whose significance we are only really aware of, if it hurts, altered or damaged by disease. Therefore, thorough but gentle cleansing and protective skin care is so important. The skin is divided into several layers to the topmost hydro lipid film, including the horny layer, internally then the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Skin care is more than cosmetic because it affects not only the appearance of the skin, but also supports their protective functions against dehydration, pathogens and harmful environmental influences and strengthened.

What causes pimples you’ve probably heard a thousand times. I do not want to roll again. But your relationship is important to your skin, your attitude. Look at your skin as an enemy to never, as unfortunately happened to me at first.

Your skin is important for you, and she’s sick. Look at your acne as a disease always, your acne is not as enemies but as a disease. Learn to love your skin and pamper them again. Your skin is not the disease! She is on the contrary, your most important protection against acne!

Washing your skin several times daily is not like I did with everything to wash lotions, clearing fluid, scrubs, toners, and how they all still hot! So you destroy the important acid mantle of your skin again and again and allow it to cause the pimple-causing bacteria only mischief. In addition, you dry your skin out by again. Toll will think you are now, perhaps, yes I will! But what does a dry skin? Be wet again! So what makes your skin? Strong regrease! A vicious circle! More on this topic below.

Wash your skin daily with a maximum of 2x (!!!) skin neutral pH (pH 5.5) washing syndet. These extra gentle cleaning products protect the acid mantle of your skin and verminderns the penetration of bacteria. The normalization of your skin can take several days. It is therefore possible that you have more short pimples and your skin is slightly oily. Because you’ve got through, the skin must now settle down once again and only normalize-it pays out a short time later!


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