Restrictive diets are ineffective and unhealthy

Restrictive diets are ineffective and unhealthy

Restrictive regimes such as Dukan diet can reduce weight quickly, but are less effective long-term nutritional advice from health authorities to eat healthy, varied, in moderate amounts and not snack between meals.

The report, based on responses from 105 thousand 711 people surveyed monthly for three years, revealed that although certain restrictive regimes, such as diet Dukan, “can have a dramatic effect at first, are not effective long term” explained the study coordinator, Serge Hercberg.Restrictive diets are ineffective and unhealthy

The Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM) to which is attached Hercberg, found that up to 76% of people who had followed the official nutritional recommendations had been kept losing weight and height achieved even six months after leaving the diet.

However, those who had followed the high protein diets like Dukan or Cohen, tailored to the individual’s hormonal levels and regimes “home” gave effective results only in the short term.

Beyond these results, those responsible for the report “nutrinet-Health” put the emphasis on data considered alarming: 7 out of 10 women and 5 of 10 men would want to reduce their weight, even though many do not have kilos of more.

In fact, nearly 6 in 10 women and 3 out of 10 non-overweight men would like to be thinner, a fact that “should reflect on the ideal promoted in this society,” warned Hercberg.

The professor of the University Paris XIII added that almost 30% of women had followed five diets in your life and 9% had gone from 10, a “spiral of regimes” that experts consider dangerous to health.

Furthermore, 36% of them had begun to diet between 15 and 25 years, a precocity of major concern to the investigators.

“No medical indication, there is no reason to self-impose a harsh regime almost perpetual” said Hercberg, for whom in the case of adolescents, these practices are “even more questionable” because they can create problems for growth.


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