Refreshments will affect your health

Refreshments will affect your health

Discover what are chronic degenerative diseases that result from consuming these drinks.

A bad habit

Pizano Elsa Guadalupe Romo, head of Nutrition and Dietetics Zone General Hospital No. 26 IMSS, said that the habit of drinking soda, which is part of the new lifestyles of Mexicans, causes chronic degenerative diseases already present in children and young people.

If the problem continues, Mexico will soon be positioned as the first consumer nation, currently ranked as the second site, because 80% of the population choose these drinks, after the United States.Refreshments will affect your health

Proof of this, he added, is that at family gatherings, weekend with friends, or simply co-workers, it is common for people with a meal with the drink of your choice.

According to the Income and Expenditure Survey of the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics, Mexican families spend between 7 and 10% of their total income to purchase these products.

He also indicated, each person consumes an average of more than 150 liters of soda a year, and is in the states of central and northern regions where they are observed this phenomenon.

How does it affect us?

Pizano Romo insisted that the excess consumption of the ingredients of soft drinks can damage various organs of the body: sugar increases your chance of becoming overweight and obesity and encourages the development of caries, even in children who still have no teeth.

He noted that phosphorus reduces the absorption of calcium in the bones, which predisposes the development of osteoporosis, the development of kidney stones (nephrolithiasis), the sodium can trigger high blood pressure, and caffeine alters the nervous system, causing insomnia .

Through PREVENIMSS strategy, said, Social Security guides their dependents on how to conduct a balanced diet including all food groups and substantially reduce the consumption of processed products, in addition to recommending exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

Therefore, he added, the institute conducts an assessment to those entitled to establish the best way to feed and care in general, as the intake of fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish and chicken as well, and prevent health problems.

He warned that if the population does not awareness of the damage now being caused in a short time future generations growing up with living and eating habits that are practiced, morbid diseases present at younger ages and complications that will damage his health soon.

He said the IMSS recommends their dependents by replacing soda water flavor, made with natural fruit of the season.


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