Also known as pneumonia, infectious and is usually characterized by inflammation of the lungs.

Pneumonia or pneumonia occurs when an infection caused by bacteria, virus or fungus inflammation of the lungs. In many cases threatens the lives of people, especially children and seniors.

The viral type is often due to flu viruses, the bacteria is due to the pneumococcus, while those caused by fungi are contracted by inhaling dust or air carrying spores.

There are rare cases of aspiration pneumonia, which occurs after surgery when some liquids or chemicals.Pneumonia


When a person coughs a lot and has yellow or green mucus, or shaking chills, has angina, breathing rapidly and with difficulty, sure has pneumonia.


The doctor will perform specific tests to know the cause of the problem (virus, bacteria or fungus) and thus prescribe the right treatment. However there are two things that recommend insurance: total rest and intake of fluids.

With proper care, the problem must yield in about two weeks.


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