Pfizer withdraws defective birth control pills in the U.S.

(Reuters) – Pfizer announced the recall of about 1 million cases of contraceptive pills in the United States because they may not contain enough contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.

Pfizer said Tuesday that birth control pills did not pose a threat to the health of women but urged consumers affected by the withdrawal that began “to use a method of non-hormonal contraception immediately.”

The drugmaker said the problem affects 14 lots and 14 lots Lo/Ovral-28 pills pills Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol.

The company said an investigation had found that some of the blisters of oral contraceptives may contain an inaccurate number of active ingredients or inactive tablets.Pfizer withdraws defective birth control pills in the U.S.

The tablets were manufactured by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and marketed by Akrimax and sent to stores, clinics and pharmacies throughout the United States, the company said.


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