Milk sold for diabetics developed in UNAM

Milk sold for diabetics developed in UNAM

Diabetic patients may acquire Diabetic’s milk, supplemented with a formula developed by researchers at the Faculty of Chemistry of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

This product is designed to improve your quality of life at low cost with the whole enterprise work Pasteuriser Leon and which was released in the presence of the rector Jose Narro Robles, Secretary of Economy, Bruno Ferrari, and the governor of Guanajuato Hector Lopez Santillana.

Unlike low-calorie drinks (known as light), this product is reduced in fat and attends each of uncontrolled biochemical parameters of patients. It is a formulation of a drug-non-nutritional support.

In addition, links to the UNAM with the Mexican company specialized in dairy products since 2009, when it signed a letter of intent from a mixed group that developed the Diabetes Genetics, Faculty of Chemistry.

This, as a result of prolonged contact with mestizos and indigenous patients in the country with power characteristics, height, muscle mass and genetics, which have been studied by the science team.

During the presentation of Diabetic Line? S, the rector of the highest seat of learning, José Narro Robles, this year estimated that more than 80,000 will die because of that Mexicans condition.

One in seven deaths due to this disease and is the leading cause of deaths in Mexico, it is a serious health issue, a major threat and an epidemic affecting the nation, he said.

The formula has the confidence of a company committed to a researcher, a college and a university, and sponsored by the authorities. It is possible to tell the country that in addition to the problems there are solutions, results and good news, he said.

Narro Robles thanked the firm for its confidence in the UNAM, in their research, projects and possibilities.

In turn, Bruno Ferrari said in a news release that this is an example of the innovation capacity of Mexican industry and the economy gains strength when the intellectual capital of the highest quality of Joins companies.


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