Mexico, implements universal health coverage

Mexico, implements universal health coverage

Margaret Chan, director general re-elected as the World Health Organization (WHO) praised Mexico for having successfully implemented a system of universal health coverage defined as “an inspiring example for other countries”.

Chan, from China, was reelected with the support of 151 of the 154 countries that were able to vote, the total membership is 194 – at a ceremony held in the framework of the World Health Assembly, held this week in Geneva .Mexico, implements universal health coverage

In a press conference following the act of election, Chan said that “their number one priority” in his new term of five years is to get the maximum number of countries to establish a system of universal health coverage, and greatly praised Mexico for having achieved.

“President Calderon proposed it as a political commitment and by the end of his term he has succeeded, has fulfilled its promise. Mexico is an example extremely important,” said the director.

“Against all odds, Mexico succeeded in achieving what you set out policies and promises did not stay in it. Mexico is an inspiring example for other countries,” Chan emphasized.

The Government of Mexico established the so-called Seguro Popular, a non-contributory protection system which benefits 53 million Mexicans.

The CEO explained that sees positive signs from around the world about the interest in implementing universal coverage systems, which is specified in the 60 requests for technical assistance that WHO has received in recent months.

“We are on track to fight against inequalities. Health is a right,” he said.

In this regard, he pointed to countries known as BRIC group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and specified that all of them except for Moscow are making strides toward universal coverage.


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