Menopause – hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Menopause - hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Good reasons to be treated with hormone replacement

There are many reasons to be treated with hormone replacement. It is imperative that there is an acceptance by the patient that you will use and individualization of therapy.

All these factors can help achieve a clear improvement in the quality of life there are also various studies that indicate that people treated with hormones can live between 24 and 36 months longer than those who reject this therapy or are contraindicated.

In short, a proper hormonal treatment INCREASE THE QUANTITY AND QUALITY OF LIFE.
Do all women should be treated with hormone replacement?

No, we do not. Some women need not suffer from diseases or other subject to risks which militate against HRT. It is therefore important that the patient is informed of the benefits and risks of treatment in general and the benefits to her in his particular case so that ultimately, patient and physician make the decision.

Indications for Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy, provided there are no contraindications or risks, is indicated mainly in the following cases:

Early menopause, either spontaneous or surgical
Patients who suffer a higher risk of suffering the effects of decreased estrogen. Studies indicate that the risk of myocardial infarction during life, for women with menopause before age 40, is seven times greater than a woman has reached menopause at the normal age .
Women with florid symptoms of menopause
All women with hot flashes important, with insomnia and malaise, or annoying genitourinary atrophy, can clearly benefit from hormone replacement therapy. The improvement can be seen within days of starting treatment.
Women with osteoporosis demonstrated or at risk of
Women who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis after a bone density test or have a low rate of bone mass, osteoporosis and other hazards of a clear benefit from treatment.

From the moment you start treatment, bone loss stops, and even could recover in the first year to 4-6% of it. The arrest of bone loss will last as long as treatment is maintained. HRT has proved to be the most effective treatment for preventing bone loss in menopausal women.
Women with cardiovascular disease or risk of suffering
This group of women, given the great effect produced by estrogen on the arteries, is the one that most benefits of hormone treatment. So much so that has already been shown that administration of estrogen to women who have suffered myocardial infarction protects very effectively against a new attack.

Finally, we believe it can undergo hormone replacement therapy all duly informed the woman that you want and without contraindications.

The treatment provides a number of advantages such as improving the quality of the skin, mucous lubrication, improved vitality, and so on., Which can drive a woman to elergirlo as a measure to conserve and / or improve their quality of life.

New knowledge of the beneficial actions of hormone replacement therapy are opening new avenues for its use. There are studies indicating that HRT may also prevent colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, falling teeth, etc. All this goes to show that this field is not the last word, so it should not be surprising that in the coming years will pose new indications of HRT.


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