Losing weight after childbirth prevents diabetes

Losing weight after childbirth prevents diabetes

Losing weight after birth reduces the risk of developing type two diabetes in women who had gestational form of the disease, said Ana Bertha Zavalza Gomez specialist IMSS in Jalisco.

The Minister of Research and Teaching Hospital of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in the state also stressed the importance of avoiding accumulate abdominal fat way to prevent developing this condition.

He stressed that about 10% of women who had gestational diabetes during pregnancy diabetes remain even after delivery, especially if rose more than 10 pounds.

He added that the area in charge, there will be a study that will be applied to 120 patients who had gestational diabetes to determine the risk factors for developing type two diabetes.

He said the integrated sample patients will have some features, how do you have registered before pregnancy overweight or obese, with a family history of diabetes-inherited, which have given birth to children with weights greater than five kilograms, or have illnesses as dyslipidemia, hypertension or lupus?.

He added that the study is intended to follow up the patients, and six weeks postpartum practice test is known as curve Oral Glucose Tolerance to determine if they have type two diabetes and to establish possible risk factors.

He noted that a complex problem is that women who developed gestational diabetes are evaluated elapsed after delivery and often do not return to the family medicine units except to complete immunization schedules for the baby.

He stressed the importance of attending to check with the family doctor? So that he can prescribe a program of diet and physical activity opportunities to reverse type two diabetes?.

He said the goal is to influence that such tests performed at six weeks after delivery and if possible every three to six months to rule out the diagnosis of type two diabetes and avoid complications if you are brewing since at least 10 years before the disease was identified as such.

He estimated that in September and may be preliminary results of this research, which is one of several that has made the area that leads to address the problem.

He stressed that in Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital will cater to 300 patients with gestational diabetes annually in the Endocrinology service.


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