Is there a health emergency in Venezuela?

Is there a health emergency in Venezuela?

The national health system is collapsed so that the government must enact a health emergency in the country, said the president of the Venezuelan Medical Federation (FMV), Douglas Leon Natera.

“Patients do not know where to go, because government hospitals lack equipment and medical equipment and modules Mission Barrio Adentro are closed,” said the union leader.

León Natera said that progress in health, for the past fourteen years suffered a setback, as the current government’s strategy to improve the system was unsuccessful and did not produce the expected results.

He stressed that President Hugo Chavez created a parallel system designed to bury the old system health, for which spent six thousand 500 million dollars, according balances of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), which funds the mission.

He noted that the alleged Cuban doctors practicing illegally, may be all that everyone wants to imagine, but never medical professionals.

“The Venezuelan law provides more than eight thousand six hundred hours between training and practice so you can practice the profession of health, and yet the Cubans working without having shown the title accrediting them as doctors,” said the union leader.

He stressed that explains why health in Venezuela has suffered a serious decline and now nobody wants to receive primary care from this parallel system of health, which they consider unreliable for the lack of suitability of staff.

He warned that health indicators are very low and cited as an example the death rate of infants is at 76 per 100 000 live births. “That’s inconceivable in an oil country,” said Leon Natera.

As an example of the inefficiency of the health system, put immunization coverage, “which barely reaches 74% of the entire population, it no longer is sprayed and therefore have begun to appear endemic diseases believed missing.”