Green technologies are profitable options

Green technologies are profitable options

The use of green technology is no longer just a question of image to become an option that benefits the environment and is profitable, said the president of the National Council of Industrial Ecologists (Conieco) Carlos Sandoval.

He explained that an example of this is that in the last 20 years in the environmental conventions such as The Green Expo, has transcended simply placing stands with organic products to real actions that are committed to business.Green technologies are profitable options

He explained that one of the factors that allowed this growing trend is the support given by governments to encourage production chains in which rewards and supports those who use sustainable energy.

Therefore, larger companies began to have a significant participation in recent years that transpired recently to medium and small, in order to have a lower power consumption, which means a significant cost reduction.

He said that it is this stage that The Green Expo conventions as channels to direct experience and benefits achieved by large firms to small and medium companies that are starting to show interest in energy sustainability.

Since then, he said, is the normative part where authorities have played an important role, first to force compliance with international environmental standards and second, to reward and encourage those who rely on green technologies.

An example of this is the fact that in the last four years various companies, government entities, society, academia and the private sector have strengthened sustainability efforts and initiatives.

This he explained, has brought positive results and high impact for the environment, since only in Mexico was reduced 7.7 million tons of CO2 gases, thereby surpassing the target set.

In that sense, the president said Conieco are three factors that allowed to obtain such results, of which the first? Has to do with achieving the goal of a good image with a program that would allow power saving.

This led to a series of measures that have been implemented in recent years through sustainability programs and that in turn have brought the change of technology for more efficient systems.

A second factor was the famous campaign to transcend vehicles that emit less CO2, through programs and program verification not Drive Today.

Finally there is the aspect of the regulation, which has evolved in recent years to require companies needed change while providing an opportunity for complying with the provisions.

In this regard, said that of 350 000 formal industries in the country, only 10% compliance with this regulation, while small industries are just going to participate.

He stressed that this is where the role of chambers and associations will be dominant, since its size is difficult to get to each of small businesses.

For now, he added that many of these companies will have the opportunity to learn these experiences in the twentieth edition of The Green Expo, to be held from 25 to 27 September in Mexico City.


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