Frogs, stories to dishes

frogs stories to dishes

Are you one of those who when talking about frogs think that magic will become a prince? What if they become a delicious dish?

In fairy tales, each occurrence ends up becoming a frog, by magic and by a shy kiss the maid without excessive handsome prince that changes the typical green of the frog by the legendary blue-tale princes .

This is, for many, the only bright side of the frogs. For others, this animal offers not one but two great sides: his two legs. What happens is that frogs are one of those things that tends to be rejected for reasons that have nothing to do with gastronomy, and yes to the cultural.

Frogs have always eaten. Some people more than others, of course. In fifteenth-century Spain, as he wrote Enrique de Villena in his book “Ars Cisoria” (1423), discussed on ways to cut into the real table food, ate frogs … but as an exception.frogs stories to dishes

Villena distinguishes things that eat “for maintenance and Plazer viand and its flavors” from those that are eaten “by melezina”, among which includes frogs “freshening fígado” … Shakes a little in the same section recommending the “meat quebrantaduras omne for the bones …”

Centuries later, the frogs were valued as a delicacy. In the late nineteenth Angel Muro, in his monumental “Dictionary of Cookery” says Frog “has no tail, lives in freshwater aquatic insect remains or land overwinter dormant and hidden under earth is life very tough and unpleasant voice, live and go to jump, is very agile and light and (finally) the meat is said to be a healthy dish and delicate. ” Wall gives recipes for stewing eleven frogs in that work.

If there is a country where frog legs are particularly appreciated is in France. Throughout the nineteenth century, the English called the French “frogeaters” literally “frog eaters”.

Auguste Escoffier himself struggled to introduce the letter from Carlton London: the British resented even the name of the dish, as the concept of “thigh” was “shocking” to Victorian morality, so I called his dish ” nymphs frog “I do not know which would be worse.

Most of the time, the frog legs are eaten fried. It’s easy. You have to put them in a state of magazine, Skinless nails, well washed. It gets to macerate docenita frog-its haunches, means-per diner for an hour in a preparation of lemon juice, olive oil, some chopped parsley, crushed garlic, salt and freshly ground pepper fine. Then they go poking, peer to peer, in a paste for frying, or are coated, or breaded, and fried in hot oil. Are best in the dough, because they do abuñoladas. When well browned, drain well and serve with a little chopped parsley. Excellent, insist: finest.

Problems? Apart from those of personal rejection, the main thing is that the common frog is a protected species in many countries. The spectacular bullfrogs, whose legs seem chicken thighs, is as bland as great. The most common is to use frozen frog legs, from Thailand. Now, if you live where their capture is allowed … will spend time entertaining, and final prize.

The subtlety of frog meat requires a wine respectful: always a target, perhaps as much a pink girl. It is another jump, so typical of these frogs: Water … the wine. I feel much better, really.


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