Evolved biological clock similar in all beings

Evolved biological clock similar in all beings

The circadian clock that governs the biological rhythm of living things and is activated every 24 hours, has developed over 2 000 500 million years in a similar way in all living things, reports the British journal Nature.

An investigation led by neuroscientist Akhilesh Reddy, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), shows for the first time that so-called biological clock evolved in much the same since the beginning of life in all organisms, including bacteria, and its characteristics are similar.Evolved biological clock similar in all beings

“It was thought that the circadian clock of the various agencies had evolved separately, and each was controlled by different genes and proteins. Our work unifies the way that the internal clock keeps the time,” he said.

The circadian clock is responsible for the regulation of many biological processes such as appetite, sleep and wakefulness is present in all cancer cells and less in the works thanks to the production of a protein called peroxiredoxin.

Researchers associated with alterations in this protein disorders such as obesity, diabetes, insomnia, depression, heart disease and cancer, so expect this study will allow further progress on these diseases.

In a study released last year, Reddy and failed to show that humans were not the sole possessors of the biological clock, but could also be found in all other organisms whose DNA is found in the nucleus of cells, such as animals and plants .

By observing the chemical changes experienced by the peroxiredoxin during the day and night in mice, fruit flies, fungi and bacteria, his team discovered now that even the most primitive forms of life, including organisms that lack nuclei, also are regulated by this internal clock.

“It is very likely that all living beings have a similar mechanism for measuring time in cycles of 24 hours, which is a completely new finding will allow us to investigate circadian rhythms in organisms in which it was not suspected that they had” According to Reddy.


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