Everest climb to raise awareness for cancer

Everest climb to raise awareness for cancer

Everest climb to raise awareness for cancerA group of 10 Saudi women with a princess at the head ended a two-week expedition to Mount Everest, which have sought to educate his countrymen about the dangers of breast cancer.

On his return to Saudi Arabia, one of the members of the mission, the basketball player Lina to Maina, said they came to the so-called base camp, the first on the climb up Everest, located on 5 000 400 meters high.

When Maina said that during the ascent had to overcome “great challenges”, a form of solidarity to “symbolically with the victims of breast cancer.”

The cooperative spirit that lived within the team helped to overcome these obstacles, including quoted the great physical effort and lack of telephone coverage in some areas.

For this athlete, the experience is intended to send a message to Saudi women so that they are aware of the dangers of breast cancer.

“It’s an attempt to sensitize our countrymen to do sports every day and take care of their health,” said Al Maina, which trains amateur basketball team in the city of Jeddah in the west.

Before climbing Everest, whose summit is 848 meters 8 000, these ten women had three months to a program of hard physical training and strict diet to get ready for adventure.

The mission members are relatives of breast cancer patients and women who have previously been cured of this tumor, aged between 25 and 50 years.

These include the princess Bent Rima Bandar, who heads the association “Zahra” in the fight against breast cancer and organized the initiative.

During the trip, so Bandar wrote details of the adventure continues in their personal pages of social networking “Twitter” and “Facebook”.

The main reason for embarking on this campaign has been the increasing number of women suffering from breast cancer in the Wahhabi kingdom.

According to figures from the school of King Faisal Hospital, about a year 8 000 Saudis find they have the disease.

The incidence of this tumor has increased by 20% in the last ten years, according to these data, and almost half of cases are discovered at an advanced stage of disease.

These figures, according to Al Maina, representing “a dangerous sign,” so it is important to raise awareness about this cancer.

“The trip to Everest is a creative way in the process of preventing this disease in our country,” said the athlete.

This adventure will be brought to the big screen with the premiere of a documentary next month, which was conducted by a film crew that accompanied the Saudi athletes during the two weeks of promotion.


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