Erectile dysfunction, the big business in Bangkok

Erectile dysfunction, the big business in Bangkok

Drugs of dubious origin are sold like hot cakes to tourists on the streets of Bangkok.

The bottles with the label of the most popular ED drugs are part of the wide range of stalls selling souvenirs of Bangkok located within walking distance of some of the sex bazaars.

One of the prints typical of Thailand’s capital is the chaos which thrives on its narrow sidewalks why the hot tourist makes his way with difficulty through an amalgam of smells and lots of jobs, including some that dispense nonprescription boxes logo known drugs like Viagra, Prozac or Valium.

Of course you do not need a prescription for these medicines of dubious origin, although if necessary expertise to price haggling, and above all, enough foolishness to swallow when one of those pills.

But the fact that the posts remain in place day after day, is a sign that the business is run by the tourist.

With his smile rehearsed these vendors call the male tourist stalls offering pills that will ensure relief and the elixir of a “great night”.

I apparently sarcastically, but in Thailand, one of the top destinations on the world circuit in sex tourism, prostitution is prohibited in theory and practice and laws to criminalize the sale of dildos or anything of sexual comfort.

Any “red light district” of Bangkok is full of these little places where, in addition to cases like that of the famous Viagra, abound also others that are traced to the drug Cialis, Levita or Kamagra known vasodilator which allow activation of the organs male sex.

Shopkeepers, buddies in the business, you have brands that sell products without being bothered by the police apparently are entirely “original” and to maintain “them applied” with a more than satisfactory.

The sincere sympathy of sellers becomes sour when he smells that escapes a potential client and make a fuss when they are curious about your camera to photograph their posts for the betray that pass daily by thousands of people.

Besides popular sexual enhancers, in some of these stalls also sold other drugs whose effects assumptions have proven addictive and can cause withdrawal symptoms to their consumers.

Apothecary of conventional pharmacy situated near a row of stalls, explains that all these products labeled as drugs that can be bought on the street are “false” because the law states that only can be purchased with a prescription and warns that consumption is hazardous to health.

Thailand has become one of the largest producers of fake drugs for sexual disorders, of which most are sent halfway around the world through illegal means and advertised on the Internet.

“People do not go to pharmacies to buy these drugs because of embarrassment,” said Clemence Gautier, attorney at Tilleke & Guibbins based in Bangkok.

As an estimate of the World Health Organization (WHO), up to 50% of drugs sold in illegal websites are fake.

In the best cases, the purchased product contains nothing but there fakes may include toxic and cause serious complications user.

These drugs, which in most countries only prescription medicines, are in high demand in those with a significant sex industry.


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