Does cutting of hair frequently can make my hair grow faster?

Does cutting of hair frequently can make my hair grow fasterMalnutrition, debilitating diseases, certain medications or a severe hormone imbalance can affect hair growth, the reasons for hair grows non-faster. Hence, cutting of hair frequently is not the solution, but it seems unlikely that you could have such difficulties without knowing about them.  The problem is far more likely to be rooted in your genes, for that is where the hair growing cycle is determined.

Each hair generally grows at the rate of one centimeter or more a month, but after two to six years it simply stops growing, it eventually falls out, to be replaced by a new hair about six months later. All this happens in cycles, at any given time no more than 85 percent of the hair is actually growing. Cutting of hair frequently doesn’t make any sense; it won’t even make hair grow faster.  People, whose hair has a short growing cycle, say two years or so, will never have tresses longer than about 30 centimeters. But if the hair continues growing for six years or possibly even longer, then it could reach one meter in length.

Loss of hair, medically known as alopecia, takes various forms. Male-pattern baldness, in which hair begins to thin at the crown and the hairline recedes, is the most common; it is primarily genetic in origin and primed by the presence of androgens (male hormones). The exact sequence of the hair-loss process is not yet fully understood, but it is clear that everyone loses scalp hair as he or she gets older, it is equally clear that some people’s tendency to lose hair at an accelerated rate, and to start at a relatively early age, as inherited and cutting of hair frequently is not a solution or will not make hair grow faster.  In general, there is nothing you can do yourself to stop or delay this natural process. In a woman, the elimination of excessive male hormones may help, but this approach requires careful evaluation by an expert in endocrine disorders. Abnormal hair loss may occur temporarily after childbirth or as a result of ringworm, infections, diabetes, an iron of thyroid deficiency, or taking birth control pills. Same in men, cutting of hair frequently will not make hair grow faster.


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