Consuming fatty acids may be beneficial

Consuming fatty acids may be beneficial

Consuming fatty acids may be beneficialThe Center for Food Research and Development will conduct research with laboratory animals to verify that the consumption of a fatty acid has beneficial properties for health.

The specialist of the Department of Nutrition and Metabolism CIAD, Marisela Montalvo Corral, said they will work with mice, because previous studies suggest that this fatty acid has very specific positive effects on the immune system.

As part of the investigation, “Effects of conjugated linoleic acid on innate and adaptive immune response in a mouse model of giardiasis induced” he said, different immunological parameters are measured and the course of infection.

Due to the effects of this fatty acid in enhancing the body’s natural defenses, such as mucosal antibody production, we sought a model of intestinal infections such as giardiasis, a disease with a high prevalence worldwide.

In the case of this parasite, said, the aim is to improve finding different defense mechanisms against the parasite, since the first events of the interaction between the pathogen and the immune system.

“If there is sufficient evidence that the fatty acid modulates the immune response to Giardia, look deeper into the mechanisms involved in these effects,” he said.

The medium-term goal is to generate scientific evidence on the potential application of this oil to enhance the immune response of animals such as pigs and long term also find a benefit to human health, he said.

For its part, the researcher of this project, Silvia Moya, noted that this oil (CLA) has special characteristics that have been studied in animal models for several decades.

The main biological activities have been attributed are anticancer, hypolipidemic and antiobesity, but more recently attributed immune system effects, he noted.

She added that these properties can also be beneficial to humans, even though there is no consensus on the use of this fatty acid.


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