Circumcision offers more benefits than risks

Circumcision offers more benefits than risks

The most influential pediatric group the U.S. believes that the benefits of circumcision for healthy newborn males are far greater than any risk that insurers should finance.

In its most recent statement on circumcision, a surgical procedure whose practice has declined nationwide, the American Academy of Pediatrics was much more favorable, but believes that parents are the ones who must make the decision.

“There is a verdict coming from the sky,” said Dr. Andrew Freedman, coauthor of the recommendation. “There is no one answer that applies to everyone equally.”

However, from the medical point of view, the benefits of circumcision to reduce the risk of disease outweigh the small risks, said Freedman, pediatrician specializing in urology in Los Angeles.

Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin that covers the tip of the penis, a procedure that can reduce the germs that thrive under the foreskin. Complications, including bleeding and / or infection, are unusual, says the Academy.

Recent research to strengthen the evidence that circumcision reduces the chances of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases and to suffer urinary tract infections and penile cancer Academy influenced to update its policy on this issue, set for 13.

The previous position saying that the potential medical benefits were insufficient to recommend that would ensure that all newborn males are circumcised. The new states: “The benefits of circumcision for newborn males justify families who wish to have access to this procedure.”

The Academy also considered essential to give babies a more appropriate remedy than just a sugar-coated pacifier. In general, choose an injection to numb the area.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, a federal agency), estimate that the cost of circumcision are between 200 and 600 dollars. The coverage varies among insurers and several states have suspended funding for circumcisions by the government Medicaid program, which pays for medical expenses of low-income Americans.

The new policy was published Monday in the journal Pediatrics site on the Internet, while there is a growing debate about whether circumcision is medically necessary or is it just a cosmetic procedure that critics say amounts to genital mutilation.

In Germany, Jewish and Muslim leaders have protested against a ruling by a regional court in June that said that circumcision is equivalent to hurt the body.


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