Bipolar disorder impacts more young

Bipolar disorder impacts more young

Bipolar disorder is the third of the group of diseases known as mood disorders, and its greatest impact is that presented in the most productive of the individual, according to experts at the IMSS.

The expert in psychiatry at the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Jalisco, Horacio Garcia Rabago, said that this disorder affects between the second and third decades of life, hence to be considered a serious health problem.Bipolar disorder impacts more young

Rabago Garcia, who is director of Community Mental Health Centre (MRCC) No. 1 of the IMSS in the state, said the approximately 200 patients who received a month for mood disorders, about 70 are for bipolar disorder.

He explained that they are people? That overnight? have episodes of depression or excessive euphoria, or both, hence there are classifications that typify the bipolar mania and hypomania phases.

Characterized by both extreme joy, disinhibition, and in contrast, the depressive or where appropriate, joint ventures, the latter alternating with the coexistence of phases already identified? He said.

He added that the patient can go from anhedonia or the inability to experience pleasure in things that at some point he liked to difficulty sleeping, eating and concentrating, the doctor said, adding that also becomes irritable, intolerant and tends social isolation.

Instead, he said, when it enters the phase of mania or hypomania, you experience an intense joy,? Beyond which we can present naturally any?.

The expert noted that the couple, the patient can sexually uninhibited, tends to be provocative and may also resort to senseless acts, for example? Buy a car or make expenditures ends?.

He stated that the origin of bipolarity exists a genetic background as? No evidence supporting that genetic predisposition plays a very important, so is not very easy from the practical point of view, prevent it.

When attending a person with symptoms suggestive of this disorder, family history interest us because we know that genetics so far has great weight? In its development, he reiterated.

Treatment includes medication administration? To take as soon as possible to the person to a remission, plus it provides psychological support and information to the family?, Which is very important because often the symptoms before changing bipolar, their relatives disqualifying think it’s a way to get attention.

Usually, he said, with proper adherence to treatment, bipolar person has a very good quality of life, but very much about family support, he insisted, hence with symptoms like those described here, which in some cases may be very subtle, professional support is sought.

Once the family realizes that his inbred attitudes are changing their proper interaction in all areas, personal, couple, family, academic, social or occupational functioning, it is important to bring it to a mental health specialist.

The aim is to establish the diagnosis and thus treatment that will return the quality of life, especially when it comes to people who are in a stage of life who have already gained some success as a profession, a job or a family, he said.


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