Bicarbonate mineral water protects the heart

Bicarbonate mineral water protects the heart

Drink half a liter of sodium bicarbonate mineral water during meals reduced by up to 15% cardiovascular risk factors, according to a study by a group of Spanish researchers.

The study, published in the journal European Journal of Nutrition, was conducted by a team led by Dr. Pilar Vaquero, a researcher at the Institute of Science and Technology Food and Nutrition (ICTAN) and director of the Minerals Group of Metabolism and Human Nutrition Center for Scientific Research (CSIC) in Spain.

The analysis shows for the first time the mechanism by reducing fat absorption during digestion after drinking this water along with food, typical of a Mediterranean diet.Bicarbonate mineral water protects the heart

These researchers had previously found that consumption of this water as part of the regular diet, a decrease of up to 15% of total cholesterol and known as “bad” as well as an increase in “good”.

The new study, presented by Cowboy, confirmed these beneficial effects of sodium bicarbonate mineral water, and has determined that your food intake in healthy people helps reduce the risk of forming atherosclerotic plaques in artery walls.

Is what medicine is known as atherosclerosis, which carries a high risk of suffering a stroke, and angina or stroke.

The study has found that after drinking the water in the main meal slightly increases the pH of the stomach, thus decreasing the release of the hormone cholecystokinin, which causes the gallbladder bile pour least in the intestine and thus produces a lower absorption of lipids.

In the study, which used criteria for clinical and biomedical research, involved 25 healthy people, women and men between 18 and 40, and reducing blood lipids was between 6.6% and 15 %.


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