All about sleep disorders

All about sleep disorders

Sleep is one of the most important activities of our body, but often our habits cause them to develop some sleep disorders. Do you suffer any? See here how to avoid or correct them!

According to Dr. Reyes Haro Valencia, coordinator of the Sleep Clinic at the UNAM, sleep disorders are situations that affect sleep properly, can lead to sleep, waking up continuously, or to trigger the need for sleep at times and inadequate conditions.All about sleep disorders

The two types most common sleep disorders are: Insomnia and hypersomnia, and according to the expert at the UNAM, each of which is triggered by different causes and are divided into approximately 20 subtypes.

Major sleep problems and their solutions


“The most common type of insomnia is called primary insomnia and this has to do with lifestyle, posttraumatic stress, job loss of a loved one, financial problems lately, the situation of extortion, threats, kidnappings Express, (moments of) aggression that someone has lived, any abuse of this nature, obviously are problems that take time to try to sleep, since it is the quietest time of day where we are dealing with something else, rather than trying to sleep and it is this which favors the onset of this form of insomnia, “said Haro.

For these reasons, according to Haro, has been an increase in insomnia in the main cities in Mexico, where life is more complex.

The main complaint about sleep problems are caused by primary insomnia, which is diagnosed when the problem occurs at least three times a week.

Now, as the specialist in sleep disorders, “is very easy to use, provided that failure to take pre-treatment.” So, through a special program of sleep hygiene, seek to change the sleep habits.

Once you change the habits that keep people sleep, you can begin using a medication.

“We use non-addictive medications are used for a short time and the lowest possible dose,” reveals Haro and adds, “usually when untreated it took a maximum of two months to resolve the problem, but if you have taken medication, usually when do not go to sleep clinic, using medications that are addictive. ”

These drugs are not sleep-inducing, but muscle relaxants, anxiolytics and anticonvulsants (diazepam derivatives) which produce dependence and tolerance, which causes you to get to sleep, will gradually go up the dose. And in the end does not solve the problem, but worse.

“In this case not to do abrupt discontinuation of medication, but it should gradually reduce and replace it with a true inducer of sleep with the intention to restructure the night dream of every person (obviously) we support with sleep hygiene “utters Haro, who is also otolaryngologist.


People also complain of being awakened repeatedly and do not necessarily have trouble sleeping, but sleep once reconciled, it is interrupted. And the number one cause of this insomnia is snoring.

“Snoring is not normal under any circumstances and is an indicator that is having trouble breathing. That makes people constantly is moving to catch his breath, and makes them waking up repeatedly. Roncadora A person should not take any medication sleep, because it intensifies the snoring “warns Haro.

When snoring is to perform a study known as Pilsomnografico in it, people go to a sleep clinic where they perform a physical examination, medical history and their requirements are set to spend a night there.

“They spend a night at the clinic under a very sophisticated technique, sensors are placed in different parts of your body, is a technique that causes no discomfort and allows us to know in detail how it is working the body of a person who has difficulty sleeping couple” , utters the expert.

After the study, one can know with absolute precision if the snoring is causing breathing pauses, if this causes decreased oxygen levels and if they cause the heart to change in frequency, thereby sufficient data are obtained for a proper way treat the disorder.

Mild snoring: We require a mandibular advancement device if you only snore or stop breathing a few times at night (no more than 15 per hour), this device helps to control snoring and breathing pauses during sleep.

Moderate snoring: Here you stop breathing up to 25 times every hour and otolaryngologists need to perform a surgery known as uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, it reduces the volume of tissue responsible for snoring (uvula, tonsils, and soft palate).

Severe snoring: The patient is placed a mask that helps them regain their breathing by mechanical action. Compressor is a medical use that as a very accurate graduation we get the sleep study should be used each night to correct the problem of apnea.


In the case of hypersomnia, Haro said, it also requires a sleep study, because when you do not have enough information about the fact that someone falls asleep in the day, after having slept long enough, the first thing that thought is that it is: a case of depression, vitamin deficiency, or who have chronic fatigue, then, to prescribe vitamin supplements, antidepressants, or muscle relaxants, will hypersomnia. In a number of cases, the origin of this disorder is found in the respiratory pauses (snoring).


Because of the characteristics of the problem, to obtain a proper diagnosis is necessary to go to a clinic specializing in sleep disorders.

Avoid sleep disorders!

According to Dr. Reyes Haro, of the Sleep Clinic at the UNAM, there are specific factors that can trigger sleep disturbances, so that should be corrected for proper sleep hygiene.

Overweight: The main risk factor associated with apnea and snoring is being overweight. Reach your ideal weight!

Get enough sleep time: Reconciling the time is not a waste of time, is a basic need that should cover our bodies daily. An adult should sleep for about seven hours.

Outside stimulants: Dining lightweight, light and noise helps the act of sleeping easier.

Exercise: Do some type of physical activity at least 3 times a day strengthens the expression of sleep at night.

Arrange your bedroom: As one of the places where we spend more time should be comfortable for sleeping. The healthiest is that no TV, no computer to relocate the work in bed, no music, no books, for all these activities affect sleep onset.

To the extent that these guidelines are implemented sleep quality will increase.

The data

Did you know that in big cities more and sleep less? The current average is six hours, which directly affects the functioning of the body (causing insomnia and hypersomnia).


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