7 rules for a “friend with benefits”

7 rules for a "friend with benefits"

Enjoy casual sex without complications that this relationship brings, without hurt or get hurt.

I knew him and liked him, I liked it but there is something (you’re not ready for a serious relationship, he is not exactly what you want, etc..) That pushes you to want only casual sex without obligations or complications: a friendship with perks … but how can you be sure that you’ll love? Or that he did not fall in love with you? Meet and sets the rules for anyone to get hurt.7 rules for a "friend with benefits"

How to make it work well

1. Know well before: having sex one night with someone you just met is very different than having a “friend with benefits”. The second involves a relationship (although very casual, free and without obligations), so your friend have to like long, so physical but also mental, talk and be with him should be interesting. If not, yours will last up to one week.

2. Be straightforward: once you decide you want to have a friendship with rights, do not wait three days to explain to your fuck buddy who just want casual sex, accompanied by talks and the occasional trip to the movies or dancing . If you wait longer he can start creating a different idea in mind and can hurt.

3. Have no romantic expectations: it is very difficult, we know, but it has to be. If you expect your friend to tell you nice things, call you, tell you where it is … then you want a serious relationship. A friend with benefits does not have to be mean or rude, but can not be more attentive or caring for a mutual friend.

4. Do not see very often: being with someone for long periods of time causes you to develop feelings for him. To prevent this from happening to your friend, do not go out with him more than once a week. If suddenly a month passes and you know nothing of it, is perfectly normal.

5. Remember that the relationship will not last long: for the same reason as rule # 4, with casual sex friendship can not last long. Think that this relationship is just to cover your sexual need while solving what you have to overcome in order to be in a serious relationship and love.

6. End the relationship if you do not like sex: the main reason for having a “friend with benefits” is sex. If things in bed and not good, why are you still with him? With a buddy do not have to look for things to “ignite the flame”, just say goodbye and find someone else.

7. The golden rule: Take care. Be responsible with your sexuality, used condom in every sexual encounter you have with your friend: an unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection ruin your friendship not only with rights but your life. Always protect yourself.

What do you think about the “friends with benefits”? Have you had one? You went hurt?


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