10 sex dreams explained

10 sex dreams explained

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a steamy sex scene during a dream? Indulging in a little sexy time is a common dream theme, but what does all this trouser tugging, bra unhooking, hair ruffling passion mean? Move over Freud, we’ve got your sex dreams explained.

Sex dream 1: Being cheated on
Dreaming that your partner is cheating on you can be an unsettling experience to say the least, but if you’ve just woken up from this kind of dream armed with a pillow to whack your other half with, hang fire for one moment; dreams about cheating rarely mean that your partner is being unfaithful. Indeed, dream analyst Gillian Holloway explains that this kind of vision is down to feelings of emotional abandonment. For example, if your partner has been working more than usual, it’s common to feel like you’re literally being ‘cheated’ out of your time with them. Phew! Step away from the pillow…

Sex dream 2: Public sex
Having sex in front of onlookers usually means one of two things; if the crowd in your dream make you feel uncomfortable, the chances are you feel self-conscious about what others are thinking about your relationship in your waking hours. Worried that your best friend doesn’t approve of your new squeeze? This kind of scenario is a good explanation for public sex dreams. Alternatively, if you’re feeling proud of your naughty – albeit imaginary – sex show, it’s a sign that you have a burning desire to shout about your sizzling sex life from the rooftops in real life.

Sex dream 3: Sex with someone unexpected
You’ve dreamt that you’re getting your freak on with someone that you’ve never even thought of in ‘that’ way before such as your boss, your best buddy, or your whacky next door neighbor? Awkward! Don’t assume that this means you have a deep-rooted romantic desire to hook up with this person though. Dream analyst Patricia Garfield explains that dreaming of having sex with someone you would never usually think about in that way means that you probably admire a quality that this person possesses and that you rather fancy that quality for yourself.

Sex dream 4: Searching for a place to get it on
Have you spent your night tirelessly searching around with your partner for the perfect place to get passionate? Dream expert Gillian Holloway explains that this kind of vision suggests a lack of intimacy with your other half and that you’re looking to spice things up a little. Other common underlying meanings to this dream involve feelings of anxiety about what the future holds or worrying about mismatched goals with your partner.

Sex dream 5: Sex with an ex
Dreaming of having sex with an ex may be upsetting and can make you feel really guilty if you have a new partner. There is really no need to sit your current partner down and make a guilty confession though; remember that dreams are usually symbolic rather than literal. Visions of having sexy time with your ex are common when you’re embarking upon a new relationship as you subconsciously weigh up the pros and cons of your new lover to see if you’re moving on for the better. If you’re not entering into a relationship with someone else, there’s a possibility that you and your ex have unfinished business that is playing on your mind.

Sex dream 6: Lesbian dreams
Same-sex intimacy relationships are more common in women, although they do occur amongst heterosexual men too. The reason why they’re more common in women is because it tends to reveal a subconscious need for sensitivity. As females are often associated with nurturing, getting passionate with a female in a dream is a symbol of your desire to have someone care for you and be sensitive towards your feelings. Gay men may have heterosexual dreams about sleeping with women too, again usually because they desire a little female sensitivity.

Sex dream 7: Sex with a celebrity
The obvious reason for dreaming of having sex with a celebrity is because you have a crush on them, but what about when it’s a celebrity that you aren’t particularly attracted to in your waking hours? Under this circumstance, it usually means that you have a desire to feel more special and appreciated. Dream analyst Cynthia Richmond explains that people in need of a little romance and attention tend to dream about sex with a celebrity because they want to be a part of that VIP world that makes famous people the centre of attention.

Sex dream 8: A threesome
X-rated dreams about having sex with multiple partners are less naughty than you may think. All of that sexual action may be a sign that you’re feeling the need to be more supported in life or that there is something missing. If the threesome is female dominant, it’s likely that you are missing some form of emotional element in your life. If it’s male dominant, it’s likely that you’re missing physical attention. Either way, this sort of dream signals that it may be worth asking for a little support from your friends and family every once in a while.

Sex dream 9: You can’t see his or her face
It’s quite common to dream about having sex with a lover whose face you just can’t seem to view. Who is this mysterious intruder beneath your sheets? This is a question that you may never find the answer to in the land of nod (damn it), but we do have an idea of what the dream actually means. Dream psychologist Ian Wallace explains that a sex scene with a faceless lover means that your subconscious is urging you to unmask your hidden talents – ooh! Undercover artist? Singer? Magician?

Sex dream 10: Sex with someone inappropriate
You’d never have an affair in your waking hours, particularly not with your best friend’s partner, yet last night you were all over him/her like a rash (in your dream, of course). Why is this? The first explanation is that you’re subconsciously curious about what it’s like to be with this person. To dig a little deeper into the symbolism behind sex with someone inappropriate, this dream often signals that you’re stuck in a rut. Whether it is in your life in general or your sex life specifically, it might be time to start spicing things up a little!


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